We Are Darkness And Light

“Luke 9:54-55Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)KJV reproduced by permission of Cambridge University Press, the Crown’s patentee in the UK.”

Little girls are not made out of sugar and spice and and everything nice nor are little boys made out of puppy dog tails. They are made out of all of the lives of their ancestors. So are you. So am I. Their choices created our lives, as our choices will create the ones who come after us.

Problems arise when we forget as James and John forgot, which side we are called to play on. After their Master and themselves were insulted by the village people they wanted vengeance. Their dark side had become dominant and they wanted pay back.

But their Master knew how to control his dark side and would not allow them to destroy the village through their dark side.

We all have a dark side within as well as a light side. Which one dominates your life?

The Old Man

Reality Cheque: The U.S. And Canada Are Still Promoting And Processing The Athabasca Tar Sands

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

The Paris Accord is at best dark theater and at worst a tool to make environmentalists happy while the world continues down the steep hill and through the wide gate to environmental hell.

Alberta premier welcomes Keystone XL pipeline permit
‘I do think reasonable people would suggest we are within eight to 12 months’

The terrifying truth is that the Paris Accord has had no effect on Global Warming or pollution. Alberta is still producing the tar sands poison and Trump has approved Keystone XL. All of the ‘hu-ra’ at Standing Rock accomplished no more or less than adding to Global Warming and creating a ton or two of garbage.

The project, which would ship more than 800,000 barrels of oil daily from Canada’s tar sands to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries, was rejected by the Obama administration last year after a decade of protest by climate activists, land owners and Native Americans. The rejection came just before President Obama signed an international agreement on global warming in Paris.

The new administration reversed that decision Friday

The simple truth is that today there is no replacement for the Athabasca Tar Sands Poison. The tar sands will be processed and the fuel will be burned because it is needed. China needs it, America needs it, the world needs it. There is simply no replacement for it.

Take all of the solar, hydro or wind power you want it won’t run the weapons of war or a semi bringing you food from a far off processing plant that also runs on oil. Admittedly towards the end of WW2 Germany was trying to figure out how to propel tanks with wood burning engines but even their scientists couldn’t make it work.

So much for Paris.

The Old Man

Fourth Truth: You Will Live Nobly Or Ignobly

2 Samyutta Nikayn II, 47.
Let us reframe the Four Noble Truths. “Cessation,” the Third Noble Truth, means the absence of suffering, which is the presence of wellbeing. Instead of saying “cessation,” we can simply say “well-being.” If we do that, we can call the Fourth Noble Truth “the Noble Eightfold Path That Leads to Well-Being.” Then, instead of just calling the Second Noble Truth “the origin of suffering,” we can say that there is an ignoble eightfold path that leads to suffering, a “path of eight wrong practices” — wrong view, wrong thinking, wrong speech, wrong action, wrong livelihood, wrong diligence, wrong mindfulness, and wrong concentration.”

I’m going to say it again: I’m not trying to convert anyone. Whether you are a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist or Agnostic the truths I am describing and the practices that will follow can be used within your world view.

If you become intentional about monitoring your thoughts, words and actions you can transform much of the negative in your life into positive. But it will take both work and time. You can with effort stop yourself from hating, lying, gossiping, wanting what is not yours and even hurting the ones you love or whom love you.

The good news is that the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path are all interconnected. Like a spiders web if you touch one part you effect all parts. If you work on lessening the effect of hateful thoughts you will also increase the power of loving thoughts.

The Old Man

The Third Truth: Change For the Good Is Possible

‘The  first turning of the Third Noble Truth is the “Recognition” of the possibility of the absence of suffering and the presence of peace. If we do not have peace and joy at this moment, we can at least remember some peace and joy we experienced in the past or observe the peace and joy of others. We see that well-being is possible.’

Change happens every second of your life. Sometimes to your body, sometimes your mind. Even if you were to die right now changes would continue in your body. Change is inevitable. You can only choose to change for the good or the bad.

The Old Man


Today tops off a very unpleasant week. Ted, one of my childhood friends died. One of our workers was bitten by a mosquito and came down with dengue. She will recover but will be off work for about a month. Another of our workers quit because he was afraid of being bit. This morning as we were hooking up the new washing machine I was bitten by what I think was a Spider Ant. It is just about as painful as being bit by a scorpion.

All in all, not a great seven days. But with any luck tomorrow will be better.

The Old Man