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Being A Cyborg Might Not Be So Bad

Yesterday a muscle in my back acted up. A little pain but nothing to be overly concerned about. By 22:00 I was concerned. Serious pain, lousy sleep, more painful now than

Multiple Sclerosis, M.S., reality
Sometimes the world is dark and difficult.

yesterday and it looks like three or four days of very limited mobility. Now if I was a cyborg I could just take the offending part out and snap in a new one. But I’m not so there’s a day or two of being reminded that I am an old man ahead of me.

On the plus side Robert showed up with the new computer two days ago and it is a joy to use. All of the bells and whistles (including a back-lit gamer keyboard) with lots of room for

old man, pain,reality
Growing old may bring Wisdom. It certainly brings pain

expansion. I even have the option of installing a car like radiator! How cool is that. My biggest baddest program is of course my photography processing software. On my just replaced laptop it was always an iffy run time. Freezing up, slowing down, no ability to listen to music at the same time. Now it’s like grass through a goose, fast and easy.

The Old Man



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