A Chinese Mary ~ Joseph ~ Jesus

UPDATE: (This shot may be from an Anglican conversion effort)

The Jesuits understood that an European Jesus wouldn’t work in China

About 20 years ago I was attending the Divinity School connected to Silliman University. One day I dropped into the pastors office while they were doing a little spring cleaning. I looked in an old shoe box and found 17 black and white post cardish photos. Seems that the JESUITS had decided to use a traditional Chinese Jesus to help with the conversion attempt in China. They also used traditional Chinese characters to portray various biblical characters. I quickly headed over to the office of the same fellow that just built my computer and he put them all on disc. Doing a bit of my own spring cleaning today I found the disc. This shot is the Easter shot.

Jesuit,Jesus,China,conversion, art work
The Jesuits have many faults but not understanding human nature is not one of them.

 The Old Man


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