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The Third Truth: Change For the Good Is Possible

‘The  first turning of the Third Noble Truth is the “Recognition” of the possibility of the absence of suffering and the presence of peace. If we do not have peace and joy at this moment, we can at least remember some peace and joy we experienced in the past or observe the peace and joy of others. We see that well-being is possible.’

Change happens every second of your life. Sometimes to your body, sometimes your mind. Even if you were to die right now changes would continue in your body. Change is inevitable. You can only choose to change for the good or the bad.

The Old Man


One comment on “The Third Truth: Change For the Good Is Possible

  1. […] “2 Samyutta Nikayn II, 47. Let us reframe the Four Noble Truths. “Cessation,” the Third Noble Truth, means the absence of suffering, which is the presence of wellbeing. Instead of saying “cessation,” we can simply say “well-being.” If we do that, we can call the Fourth Noble Truth “the Noble Eightfold Path That Leads to Well-Being.” Then, instead of just calling the Second Noble Truth “the origin of suffering,” we can say that there is an ignoble eightfold path that leads to suffering, a “path of eight wrong practices” — wrong view, wrong thinking, wrong speech, wrong action, wrong livelihood, wrong diligence, wrong mindfulness, and wrong concentration.” […]


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