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We Put Our Faith In Science ~ One Of The False Gods

Give or take a decade about 700 years ago in the cultures that would come to dominate our world the Renaissance began and with it a new religion. Science slowly but surely took over many of the functions that Christianity had usurped from the older faiths. Science promised that if we would but follow the rules our world would become a world of plenty and peace. Sadly, as with Christianity and the religions that came before, instead of peace and plenty we got famine and horrific wars.

There is only one way for plenty and peace to grow in our world. We need to nurture their seeds within our own hearts. If we don’t nothing changes. Nothing changes because as a species we are more prone to look after our immediate needs than we are our or anyone else’s long term needs.

Mother Earth cries for her children. Lady Wisdom calls to us. Quan Yin offers her compassion. Hear them. Learn and live well. Ignore them and live in misery. Your choice.

The Old Man


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