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Changes ~ Some You May Like Some You May Not

About thirty years ago there were some that believed I had a calling from God. Because of my history the people of power in the greater United Church of Canada felt that they could use me to furtherĀ  their agenda In the United Church Indian Villages. They approached a small village and asked them to train me in the skills needed to be a village pastor. The United Church part of the village accepted the challenge.

In time Chiefs, Elders, Matriarchs and people from all levels of village society accepted the challenge. They taught me new understandings, corrected many old ones and challenged me to accept my calling in a way that main stream Christianity rarely does. Eventually I was adopted, named and given a title.

I was taught ‘everything is impermanent’ and the teaching showed itself true when the time came for me to leave the village and eventually Christianity.

I have struggled for many years to merge and meld the teachings of the village and the larger church. I’ve had little success or joy.

There has however been both joy and success in finding commonality between Buddhist and village beliefs.

As I move through the winter of my life I have an irresistible need to share the teachings that have led me closer to happiness and contentment.

It is my prayer that someone, somewhere, sometime will find help and encouragement in the teachings I share.

The Old Man


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