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6 x 3 =18 ~ 18 Becomes 1 ~ Unlike Mick Jagger You Get Satisfaction

Six invaluable qualities unfold and manifest from within the minds of disciples of the Buddhadharma who pursue and practice the teachings that Lord Buddha presented

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Mick Jagger couldn’t get any satisfaction but you can

with joy and diligence. The six invaluable qualities are known as “the six paramitas” .

The six paramitas in Tibetan and Sanskrit are: (1) sbyin-pa (dana, “generosity”), (2) tshul-khrims (shila, “ethics”), (3) bzod-pa (kshanti, “forbearance, acceptance, patience, forgiveness”), (4) brtsong-’grus (virya, “joyful endeavour, diligence, zeal”), (5) bsam-gtan (dyana, “meditative concentration”), and (6) shes-rab (prajna, “discriminating wisdom-awareness, insight”). Paramita is a Sanskrit term and means “perfection.” It is translated into Tibetan as pha-rol-tu-phyin-pa, which literally means “gone to the other shore.” The other shore in the context of the Buddhadharma means transcendence of mental fixations concerning a subject, objects, and actions.

First and foremost I am not trying to convert anyone. Simple fact is that these self same paramitas are found in most faiths and philosophies that are based on Love.

I am trying to convince you that if you practice these six virtues we will have a nicer world and you will have more satisfaction.

The Old Man


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