future history, president trump, Global Warming, macro photography.

Future History: Trump’s Environmental Policy Accelerated Global Warming

The United States of America elected Pres. Trump in 2017. He won re-election in 2021.

future history, Trump, Global warming, Central Park, new York
Trump brought death and destruction and America fell

Pres. Trump believed that to make America great again required an all out military and economic war against the entire world. To wage this war he needed military and economic power. Trump and his supporters believed that this power was to be found in a barrel of oil and a cart of coal.

For eight crucial years America contributed more contaminants to Global Warming than the combined output of the European block and China. These years sealed the world’s fate.

Global Warming accelerated. Sea levels rose. Droughts, famines, disease ran rampant and Civilization fell.

Barbarism became the norm for the next thousand years. It does not look to be going away any time soon.

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The Old Man







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