We’re back (for a while)

The Old Man, black & white, portrait
I enjoy the challenge (most days)

Hi, Sunday was a whole day brown out. Last night a four hour brownout. This morning one hour sans current.

Last week’s thunder extravaganza not only blew our breaker into a thousand pieces but it fried our router as well. We got our new router yesterday and today after much trial and error it is up and running.

So… as the title suggests we’re back. Only the gods know for how long.

Living where we live may not be the best place to try to create a blog that requires some consistency in output. But it is a challenge and at my age challenges that I can sill handle are much appreciated.

The Old Man



thunder & lightning ~ big time

Choco, dog, friend
I was sooooooo scared.

Three nights ago we were engulfed in a thunder and lightning extravaganza. Hour after hour rolling thunder and powerful lightning. So powerful that even after we through the main breaker to off, the lightning powered up my computer monitor. By the end of the storm our cut off for all the compound had been blown up.

Which is why no blogs… no electricity.

The Old Man

grasshopper on pineapple leaf

As was mentioned in the previous post a macro shot that I’m proud of and that I believe is worth sharing takes time and effort. In this case about six hours total time.

From camera to Capture 1 next to ImageJ and finally into GIMP. Each step requiring multiple adjustments and restarts.
Rarely do life or photography not benefit from deep pondering and multiple adjustments.

The Old ManĀ