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Brain Dead Eco-Terrorists Screw It Up Big Time

The Old Man, black & white, portrait
I only look brain dead these eco terrorists really are!

To my way of thinking any person or group of people who intentionally plan to use violence against people or property to promote fear and their agenda are Terrorists. To me the people that committed the following actions are Terrorists.  Terrorists who by their own press releases are terrorizing in support of other terrorists.

United States-based Climate Direct Action said its members worked in groups of two or three at pipeline sites in Washington, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota on Tuesday morning. The recently formed group posted photos and video that purportedly show how the activists – who said they had researched how to safely shut down the pipelines – cut through security chains, closed valves and were eventually stopped by police at sites belonging to Enbridge Inc., TransCanada Corp., Kinder Morgan Inc. and Spectra Energy Corp.

Climate Direct Action said it closed down the pipelines in solidarity with anti-pipeline protests led by North and South Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, but also took the “personal, direct action” to push the U.S. government to enact stricter measures on climate change. The group is calling for a total ban on new fossil fuel extraction and an immediate end to oil sands and coal use.’

How stupid can terrorists or even Joe Six Pack be. Their goal of a total ban on fossil fuel extraction and the immediate end to oil sands and coal use is not going to happen. The world is set up to operate on fossil fuel and it is decades perhaps even centuries away from having the ability to switch over to a more benign system.

All these fools have accomplished is to alert the powers that be to the incredible vulnerability of the the pipe line corridors. By now every pipeline corridor will have added security with more to come.

If you really want an end to fossil fuel use in our world quit buying the products that either use it or depend upon it to function. The people at Standing Rock used fossil fuels to get there. The people that shut down the pipelines used fossil fuels and oil derivatives to accomplish their useless terrorism.

Time to wake up people. If we are ever to reverse global warming we will need each and every one of us to lower our carbon footprint. The world population will need to be lowered by at least 50%. Scientists will need the backing of governments to create viable alternatives.

Claiming sacred ground and shutting down pipelines will do nothing except create violence and death.

The Old Man


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