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Its Been A While And It Feels Good

freedom, independence, garden, lazy, sweat
To put hands to soil, to feel the life of our mother, to have my sweat mix with the earth makes the food just that much tastier

When we first returned I did a fair bit of the yard work. Collecting feed for the rabbits, planting, harvesting and whatever else needed doing where I had the needed skills. As the years past I found myself getting a little lazier every year. In the last few years I have done pretty much nothing that required sweating.

A week ago our handyman/gardener quit. We had a decision to make, hire another person or invest in some machinery. We have chosen machinery for the daily chores and outside contractors for the big jobs.

Yesterday Myra went to a local handy man (excuse my sexism but in this part of the world it is a handy man ) store and bought a 2,000 liter water tank, a portable spray gun, one aluminum folding ladder, a lawnmower and other bits and bobs.

Today I set up the lawnmower and had at go at part of the lawn. I am old and way out of shape which means tomorrow I may have a few sore muscles but today I feel great.

Tomorrow we go back to town to purchase the needed hose and fittings for the water tank. Hopefully by Saturday we will have the first of our water reservoir tanks hooked into our water system.

We had become too dependent on others. It feels right to take back our freedom.

The Old Man



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