Fujifilm S4200, close-up, Cicada

We Are Living In A Time That Praises Ignorance ~ That’s A Pity

The Old Man, black & white, portrait
Whoever wins we all lose

Ignorance is bliss, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, down with the educated elite! You have all heard, read or said one or more of the above quotes. There is a myth found in every democracy about the benefits of ignorance and the harmful effects of education.

This is why foul-mouthed, war mongering, fear inducing, big-mouthed tiny brained politicians are coming to power in every democracy on the planet.

Allow me to show you the basic flaw in the theory ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Take a look at the two Cicada shots just below this paragraph. The one with the time stamp was the first Cicada shot I took. It’s not a bad shot.  Matter of fact it received praise from members of CiC who later would become my mentors.  But it just can’t compare to the second shot. I took the second shot about a week ago. Three years after the first one. Three years of study, practice, thought, effort, and finding the resources to get better equipment to match my increased knowledge and understanding that my efforts had produced. I don’t believe that ignorance is bliss. I believe ignorance is the mother and father of second-rate garbage.

The Old Man


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