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Lawyer Time Versus The Old Man’s Time

The Old Man, gardening, stewarship
Living with the times and seasons makes more sense to me than living to the clock

Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing, absolutely not one tiny jot or dot wrong with Lawyer Time. Fact is that in their line of work it is greatly needed. It’s just that it really doesn’t mesh with The Old Man’s Time. Lawyers work in seconds. I work in seasons.

I realize that most of the people who read this live to Lawyer Time. But do you realize that until the middle of the 17th century accurate counting of seconds was simply not possible (look it up you’ve got the time)? Until then, even in a city or a rich mans house, (yes it would have been a rich man’s house for the most part) the best you could hope for was a clock that gave you a good approximation of the hour.

Let me make a suggestion? The next time you are feeling harried because you are behind schedule perhaps you should realize the clock was made to serve not to rule.

The Old Man



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