With Apologies To The Plumbers This Makes More Sense With Wiring Than Pluming

Multiple Sclerosis, M.S., reality
Sometimes the world is dark and difficult.

It just took me about ten minutes to type the title of this blog. Typing the blog might take ten minutes or 200 minutes. The reason is a simple one: For more than thirty years Multiple Sclerosis has been my intimate acquaintance.

The above link will take you to a good & factual website. What follows is my own understanding of what M.S. does to my mind & body.

Think of your brain & body as a house, a smart house. Your brain constantly monitoring, maintaining and correcting to keep everything functioning within the prescribed limits.

But somewhere in your house is a secret room. It’s not in the house plans. No one has ever found the room. But they know it’s  there and that a hacker lives in it. They know because they can monitor the hacker’s hacking. Monitor and sometimes subdue the hack but never find & evict the hacker.

Right now my hacker’s hack has dialed in ‘cotton brain’ (= to mildly drunk as in not falling down but not fit to drive) numbness in the left hand, tingling in the legs, tiredness and pressure bands around the head.

This has been building for the last three days.

It could go on for another three days or three minutes.

These hacks could be taken out and everything gets set back to normal

They could be replaced or added to.

Perhaps swallowing becomes a problem.

Twice before I momentarily went blind.

The possibilities are many and none are fun.

This is not being written to garner pity.

I’m hoping that if you know someone with M.S. you may understand just a bit of their struggle.

The Old Man


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