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Our Niece Got Married Yesterday ~ May She & Her Husband be Happy & Prosper


About twenty years ago She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were enjoying some ‘our time’ in a good hotel. We knew something was up when the pizza we ordered arrived with an armed soldier escorting the delivery boy. After we ate we decided to get some air. That’s when we noticed the two soldiers at the elevator.

When we reached the ground floor we felt like we had twilight zoned into a Bogart movie. You know the one where there has been a revolution in some South American country and the military has taken over the one good hotel and packed it with armed soldiers.

Naturally I sauntered over to a friendly bell hop took out a package of cigarettes and asked for a light. In a whisper as he lit my cigarette I asked him what was up? With his eyes he pointed to the restaurant.

Inside the Vice President was enjoying his dinner. The military was there to keep him safe. Safe is what we didn’t feel so we went for a long walk. Returning after the VP left.

Today, almost exactly twenty-four hours after the wedding our niece’s husband returns to his battalion to do battle against the bad guys. Soldiers are still in the street. Politicians and judges need body guards. There are times we still feel like we have twilight zoned into a Bogart movie

But they are in Love and young love is fearless. We offer them our blessings, our respect and our prayers.

The Old Man




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