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The Answer To ~ A Question For the United Church Of Christ In the Philippines

Elmer M. Bolocon, Executive Secretary, EBF and a bishop emeritus of the UCCP answered my questions found in

A Question For The United Church Of Christ In the Philippines ~ Since When Have Child Molestation Rape And Murder Become Petty Crimes?

I hope you will read his answer. Not only does he with honesty, courage and integrity explain things he also with gentleness and firmness explains where my post was in error. I thank him for both actions.  Here in it’s entirety is his response.

Dear Old Man,

Your comment is well taken.Thank you.

I’m sorry, I take full responsibility for this grave error. I drafted the statement which originally carried only petty crimes.

But I received feedbacks that there are other crimes that also continue to remain unaddressed which are not included in my list. I added them to the list but failed to edit the the categorization “petty.”

By the way, please be informed that membership in the Ecumenical Bishops Forum is on individual basis, not institutional. The United Church of Christ is not a member, nor are the other churches such as the Roman Catholic Church, the United Methodist Church, the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, etc. The individual members don’t bring with them their institutions.

I was one of the signatories and identified myself as UCCP because I am a bishop emeritus of the UCCP; I carry my identity as UCCP member. If this statement was officially adopted by the UCCP, the UCCP General Secretary should have been the signatory.

I will be very careful next time around.

Again, thank you for pointing this matter out.

God bless you.

Sincerely yours,

Elmer M. Bolocon
Executive Secretary, EBF

Thank you Bishop Emeritus Bolocon for taking the time to honestly answer my questions. I am sure your reply will heal the pain and anger the mistake must have caused.


The Old Man



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