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We Haven’t Changed From Time Immemorial ~ We Have Created Hell On Earth ~ WHY NOT HEAVEN ON EARTH?

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Only our technology has changed

For somewhere between 100 and 200 thousand years humans have wandered this planet. If you could go back in time and return with a Stone Age baby it could be raised as any other child of the 21st century is raised. And that’s why our world is in such trouble.

As humans we always relied upon our superior brains to survive. We couldn’t outrun the leopard, outfight the gorilla, out swim the shark or strike with the speed of a cobra. But we could create technology that helped us to defeat and eat them.

Sadly our survival depended upon the ability to develop ways to kill. It didn’t depend upon our ability to develop morality or ethics.

Today we have the ability to destroy every known living creature in the universe. What stops us from pushing the button is pure unadulterated cowardice. We are afraid of what comes next.

But when it comes to climate change, global warming, overpopulation, crime, rape, murder, war, bullying and a million other amoral actions the fear of what comes next doesn’t stop us. Because what comes next happens to the victims or to the next generations. It doesn’t happen to us. At least not in a way that creates a fear in us great enough to overcome our greed.

Pity that our survival didn’t depend upon morality or ethics.

The Old Man




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