Mythology tells us that our role is to be the Steward.

We failed because of our greed. We want our toys. We want our perfectly controlled house temperature and humidity. We want our private vehicle.  Greed, greed and more greed.

First Nation, colonizer, white, brown, red, yellow. Name your colour and your status. You are guilty.

We could have stopped this horror but we chose not too. We wanted our comfort more than we wanted clean air, pure water, a good life for one and all.

Now everyone will pay the price. Not only everyone here and now but everyone, every single living being, from Ameba to Zebra for at least the next 500 years will live in an increasingly deadly environment.

And all because our generation let greed overpower us.

We have become Death. Humanity is the Four Horsemen. We are Destroyers.

The Old Man



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