translucent blue cricket, limitations,macro,ISO

I’m Too Light For Sumo ~The Camera Needs Low ISO ~ What About You

translucent blue cricket, limitations,macro,ISO
Honesty Time: What are your limitation?

The Sony Alpha a58 is a fine camera. But if you move past ISO 200 it gets grainy/noisy in a hurry. Which means getting a great shot of this cricket is proving difficult.

She likes the shadows. I can compensate for the shadows in multiple ways. Upping the ISO is one but that causes graininess. Using flash means I get a hard sharp cricket but lose the translucence. Lowering the F/ means a very shallow DoF.

Like the camera I come with built in limitations. So do you. How you and I work through, around, over or under our limitations defines who and what we are.

The Old Man


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