No Way To Make Friends & Influence People

Messing with the old women is not a good idea

Hi Luv et alii, there are three things in this world people fight for: The good, the bad and ugly (apologies to all Spaghetti Western fans).

For more than 10 years a small group where we live fought for the good while many fought for the bad and the ugly. In the past few years the numbers have changed.

Now there is a fair sized group of determined mothers and grandmothers that have decided to accept their traditional role in the community.

They are the arbitrators of the good, the bad and the ugly. Our community is a better place because of these women.

But there are always new bloods coming up. Half a dozen or so of these wannabe bad guys and gals are challenging the women. They are thieves, druggies, drunks and for the most part brain dead.

So far the women have just brought social pressure to bear on the parents of these troublemakers. That may change if their behavior doesn’t.

The Old Man


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