Ramada, sacred, love

Here’s Why Humanity Is Doomed

Ignorance didn’t bake these scones.

May  26, 2016


Hi Luv et alii, Humanity is doomed because those nations / empires  that dominate our world are populated by people who believe that the ignorant are equal to the truly educated and have the right to do whatever they want.

One person one vote. The majority rules. It is my Right because I am a citizen. I am every bit as capable as you because we are equal under the law and before G-d. And on and on.

Reality Cheque

Ignorance did not bake the pictured scones nor did it take the shot. Most people accept as reasonable the suggestion that skills are needed for baking and photography.

But how many accept as reasonable the suggestion that people need to be properly educated before they vote or reproduce or own a deadly weapon.

Regrettably very few.

It is simple math. In a democracy when the ignorant outnumber the properly educated the democracy is doomed.

The Old Man


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