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Today My Lady Turned Fifty & I’m Loving It

Hi Luv et alii, for those who don’t know and that would be the majority of the people who will read this, My Lady and I met when she was in her twenties. Like many young people she was strongly opinionated.

One thing she believed was that the old people should retire so the new bloods with fresh ideas could solve the worlds problems.

Over the decades we have been together she and I have both modified or indeed entirely changed our earlier beliefs.

This morning as we shared our first mugs of coffee we talked about where we would enjoy putting our energy and passion.

Retirement wasn’t mentioned.

Happy Birthday My Lady, yes you’re older. More  importantly… you’re better!

The Old Man

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Beauty & The Beast

May 27, 2016

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The question becomes ‘which is the beauty & which is the beast’?


Hi Luv et alii, I am finding enjoyment in this new blog. I like the way it looks and I’m beginning to understand how it works.

My concern is with quality. Good shots & thoughts can be hard to come by. So cut me some slack folks. If I work at it you just might get a letter a day.

The Old Man

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Here’s Why Humanity Is Doomed


Ignorance didn’t bake these scones.

May  26, 2016


Hi Luv et alii, Humanity is doomed because those nations / empires  that dominate our world are populated by people who believe that the ignorant are equal to the truly educated and have the right to do whatever they want.

One person one vote. The majority rules. It is my Right because I am a citizen. I am every bit as capable as you because we are equal under the law and before G-d. And on and on.

Reality Cheque

Ignorance did not bake the pictured scones nor did it take the shot. Most people accept as reasonable the suggestion that skills are needed for baking and photography.

But how many accept as reasonable the suggestion that people need to be properly educated before they vote or reproduce or own a deadly weapon.

Regrettably very few.

It is simple math. In a democracy when the ignorant outnumber the properly educated the democracy is doomed.

The Old Man