Without Water Everything Dies

water,shortage,death, reservoir,prepare
No Water = No Life

March 31, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
Water is becoming scarcer in this part of the world. The town below us has daily shortages. The major city below them also has constant shortages.

Because we are nearer the start of the system we have no shortage yet though our pressure is dropping as more families tap into the system.

Next week we start our own reservoir system. We will be collecting rain water from three roofs. In time there will be a three month supply of water for the animals and garden plus two weeks for our house use.

Three months because that is 50% longer than the longest dry season so far, two weeks because we have never lost potable water for more than three days.

Hopefully within a year we will have it all in place.

Take care, be prepared,
The Old Man


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