Be Warned ~ Pre-Coffee Prophetic Truth And It Ain’t Pretty

March 26, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

population, increase,resource,decrease,war,famine
The Horsemen are here.

Today be Black Saturday. The time when Jesus (if you are a believer) was wrapped up in the tomb and harrowed hell. This seems an appropriate time to point out one simple fact.

Anyone who believes that things are going to get instantly, slowly, miraculously better is wrong. Things are going to get much worse at an ever increasing pace.

Read and understand history. The one and only workable solution to economic / resource problems has been for the rich and powerful to force the poor and weak to move to another place. This simple procedure allowed the rich and powerful to maintain their wealth and power. They even increased their wealth and power by forcing the new colonists to trade with the mother country.

The last time this happened was in the 1800’s in England. They shipped out the weak, the poor, the criminal and the downtrodden to the colonies. They created the world we now inhabit.

Today, as I write this we face the same situation. The 21st. Century is the Resource War Century. Oil, gas, water, gold, food and everything else is dwindling as our world population increases by leaps and bounds. The major change between now and the 1800’s is that there is no place to ship the surplus population that can’t and won’t fight back.

If you doubt me take a look at the refugee problem in Europe. Consider that the Donald’s proposal to build a wall between America and Mexico makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. Look to the flash points where war is either being waged or the powers are preparing for it. Each and every one is a location where reources such as oil and natural gas are found. Each and every one has a problematic population that will either be moved, tamed or killed off.

Things are only getting worse folks. Get ready.

Take care, get real,
The Old Man


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