Genocide ~ Cultural Genocide ~ Cultural Suicide ~ Pan Culture

March 17, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

People of the Snow, transformation, Cultural Suicide, Pan Culture
How you transform is up to you.

What’s worse? Genocide? Cultural Genocide? Cultural Suicide? Joining the modern Pan Culture?

In what is now Tasmania the British Empire killed off every man, woman, and child of the Indigenous population.

According to the United Nations, Canada attempted Cultural Genocide on the Indigenous population. 

Let me make myself as clear as crystal, both Genocide and Cultural Genocide are true horrors.

But I put it to you: Are they worse horrors than Cultural Suicide or willingly giving up your own culture to join the modern Pan Culture?

Who did the greater harm? the missionary with his bible or the Indigenous who knowingly and intentionally traded for the tools that would allow him to destroy his culture? 

Who did the greater harm? the missionary with his bible or the mother that brought television, radio and the modern conveniences that demand a western style of living into her home.

I was taught by an Elder that the greatest harm ever done to his people came from electricity and money.

The village that I once called home was home to the ‘People of the Snow’. They lived, they thrived in a place where six feet of snow in 24 hours was possible. Where snow in June has been recorded.

A few winters back they evacuated the community for about a week because there was too much snow. They couldn’t get to the supermarket. The Electricity went out. They couldn’t get to their jobs to earn money. They heated their houses with natural gas. No electricity no heat. No air tight stoves and no supply of firewood because no one had the time or the desire to get the wood.

They have committed Cultural Suicide. They have joined the Pan Culture. They are no longer People of the Snow. They have done to themselves what neither the Canadian government nor the Christian churches could. They have destroyed their own culture and become just one more small town immersed in the ever expanding Pan Culture.

Take care, accept responsibility,
The Old Man


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