There’s A Reason My Blog Is Named What It’s Named

March 1, 2016

old age, old man sounds, bald, mind
It’s better than the only option

Hi Luv et alii,
There’s good reason my blog is named what it is. I’m an old man. Here’s how I know I’m old. If you have the same symptoms you too are an old one.

First the not so good reasons.

This morning after I made the coffee it took me two trips to get my breakfast to my desk. One trip for the coffee, one for the bread and jam. I didn’t want to spill either.

When I stand up, sit down, get out of bed or into it I make Old Man Sounds.

It is easier to brush the hair on the top of my head than on the sides.

Spicy food is not such a good idea after about three in the afternoon.

When I think of long lasting and powerful sensual pleasures it usually has more to do with the kitchen than the bedroom.

Now for some of the good reasons that tell me I’m old.

I no longer feel the need to beat my head against every brick wall. I choose my fights instead of them choosing me.

I have been forced to slow down my body and speed up my mind.

I have both the time and inclination to ponder.

I can see where I have made mistakes and I can figure out how not to make the same ones again

In short, the body is a disaster but the mind is better than ever and I think it’s a fair trade-off.

Now you tell me, are you an old one too?

Take care, enjoy,
The Old Man



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