Reality Cheque ~ Humanity Consistently Chooses Evil Over Good ~ We Don’t Have To

March 1, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Lady Wisdom, Jesus, Buddha
Make your choice

I do not believe in ‘Original Sin’. Yet I readily admit that humanity consistently chooses evil over good.

So consistently that today we accept mass shootings at schools or work places as normal.

Humanity in the face of undeniable scientific proofs goes merrily on down the road to world disaster as we burn our carbon based fuels.

We arm ourselves to the point of total world destruction and do it in the belief it will create peace.

Why, I ask myself, are we as a species so intent on doing evil and being so stupid?

I have no answer.

I do know that there is a way to turn things around. We as a species can choose good over evil. We do have the ability to make the right choices. I am not alone in this knowledge. Every great religious leader and philosopher is in agreement. We can make the right choices. That we don’t will be our doom.

Our only hope is to follow The Way of Wisdom.

You can start by reading and learning from the Book of Proverbs, The Teaching’s of Jesus, or the teachings of The Buddha. There are many more Ways to learn Wisdom. Sweat Lodges, Spirit quests, honest prayer and meditation are a few of them.

I doubt that humanity will. Nevertheless the offer is cried out in the wilderness as well as at the city gates.

Take care, find Wisdom,
The Old Man   


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