So Much Fear In An Empire With So Many Nukes And Personal Weapons Is Seriously Scary

February 10, 2016

American Empire, mass imnsanity, torture,rape,violence,war
You and I can only hope to survive the insanity

Hi Luv et alii,

“7:01 p.m. ET — An exit poll showed that 66% of GOP primary voters in New Hampshire support a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US.”


There is no reason to believe that Democrats are any less fearful than Republicans. This fear contributes to the ‘we need our guns to be safe’ mentality that makes America the country such a dangerous place. This fear is also what makes the American Empire such a dangerous Empire to other countries.

This fear makes it reasonable to shoot anyone that even vaguely looks like a danger (racial profiling).

This fear makes torture acceptable.

This fear makes it reasonable to fight with any weapons in your arsenal (from rape to Nukes) the enemies of the Empire in far away countries and corners of the Empire.

Fear at this level is very dangerous.

Fear at this level verges on or is mass insanity.

Fear at this level with a finger on the trigger of weapons of both  mass and individual destruction is seriously scary.

Take care,  become sane,
The Old Man


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