And Then I Tried Something Radical ~ I Prayed For My Enemy

February 3, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

prayer, enemy,friend,radical
We are still putting in a high strong fence.

As long time readers of these letters know we have had problems with some of the community we live in. Over the years we have tried many different approaches to solve the problem with varying degrees of success.

One of the results of this constant warfare has been a worsening attitude on my part. I could not even hear them laughing without preparing for the worst.

My reactions to them were very self destructive. Anger, drama, premeditated possible violence and hatred were my constant companions.

I tried controlling these improper desires by attentiveness,  mindfulness, patience, meditation and every other technique I could think of. But the problem only intensified.

Then a few days ago I was guided or inspired into a radical thought.

Pray for them.

The result was astounding.

All of the horrible thoughts and feelings that had been swarming in my mind and body diminished. These people are no longer my enemies. I no longer want or need to crush and control them.

Now I feel a need to help them. They are people with problems. People with problems as neighbours is better than enemies as neighbours.

I don’t know where this approach will lead me. I have no idea what will happen if they return to the old ways.

I do know that in the here and now I feel better, SWMBO feels better and we are causing our neighbours no grief. This is a good start.

Take care, get radical,
The Old Man


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