Last Night I Was Face To Face With A Sleeping Snake

February 29, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

snake,coconut tree, close up.
I like snakes, they have a beauty all their own.

Last night, as is my want, I went for a stroll around the garden. The stars were covered so I was paying more attention to where my feet were going than my head.

Then I simply stopped. Something wasn’t right. I raised both flashlight and eyes and there about a foot ahead of me, sleeping on some branches that his weight had bowed down to just my heads height was this beauty.

I slowly backed away and went inside. I thought about going back to try for a shot. I thought about waking up this fellow with the cameras flash and decided to wait until morning. When I went out in the morning he had changed his position. Instead of being majestically draped over the branches he was stretched out.

I went up as close as I thought reasonable and got some interesting shots before he slithered off into the neighbors yard.

Lest you think me either brave or foolish this is a coconut tree snake and unless they are in a bad mood they are harmless. Even if they bite they are not poisonous.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man

Atlas Moth Take 2: A Little More Detail And Better Colours

Atlas moth, Snake Head moth, Philipines, mating
The colours are better and it is a little sharper.

The dark wings and hairy antennae belong to the male. If you look closely you will see the cocoon that the female just came out of. The light wings are of course the underside of her wings.

Take care, stay alert,
The Old Man


Atlas Moths Mating In The Wild ~ A Very Rare Shot

February 27, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Once I have seen the Ashen Light from my backyard in our 8″ Lightbridge reflector. Four times in fifteen years I have spotted an Atlas Moth. Only once have I seen two mating. This is a rare, make that very rare, shot. The wind was blowing and conditions were far from good let alone ideal so I took a couple hundred shots. Hopefully there will be better shots than this one. If there are I’ll post them.


Atlas Moth, Snake Head Moth, mating pair, Philippines
This is such a thrill for me.

Take care, I just checked there are better shots to follow,
The Old Man

To Understand Your World First Understand Darwin’s World

February 26, 2015,

Hi Luv et alii,

Charles Darwin, interconnected,British Empire,greed, dominance
His world made our world.

It is fashionable today to blame all of the worlds problems on the colonizers. If everyone had stayed in their own little place the world would be a perfect place because the Indigenous peoples were perfect stewards and saints. This is of course an absurd belief.

People are people. Every empire, nation, city state, kingdom, village, or nomadic tribe has the same core problem. We are all governed by greed and the desire for dominance.

In the modern world this greed and desire for dominance came to perfect fruition in the British Empire. The Brits from their little island off the coast of Europe dominated the world for most of the 19th and perhaps a third of the 20th century.  They accomplished this through military, political and scientific means.

Which is why I say that to understand your world you first need to understand Darwin’s world. He is the penultimate Brit whose work has changed our world in a way few others have. His world created ours.

I realize that many of my readers live in places where finding a specific book to read can be nigh on impossible. But if you can find Adrian Desmond and James Moore’s biography of Darwin give it a read. 

Take care, understand the interconnections,
The Old Man