Old Habits Die Hard ~ BUT THEY DIE!

January 27, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

reality, HHDL. Dalai Lama, A Flash Of Lightning In The Dark Of Night
Our choices
create our

Sometime last year SWMBO suggested that it was time to get back to my spiritual practices. She was right. Daily, sometimes hourly I was slipping back into old mental habits.

Habits that allowed me to survive when they were formed but were creating problems for me now. So I got intentional about creating new good habits and destroying old bad ones.

I made small steps forward and large steps backwards.

Two days ago I was once again reading ‘A Flash Of Lightning In the Dark Of The Night‘  and what I read clicked with my present problem.

My old mental habits only have power and strength because I give it to them. They only exist as a creation. They have no stand alone ability. They are only as strong as I make them. Only I allow them to enslave me.

‘Anger, lust – these enemies of mine –
Are handless, footless, lacking other faculties;
They have no courage, no intelligence;
How then have they made of me their slave?

It is I who has let them lurk within my heart,
Allowing them to harm me at their pleasure.
And I suffer all without resentment;
Thus my unworthy and misplaced patience!’

This stops here and now!
Take care, transform,
The Old Man

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