New Look ~ Moondogs ~ A Storm Coming In

January 21, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

moondogs, awe, triple, no shot
Sorry no moondogs
in this shot

Yes your eyes do not deceive. There is a new look to the letters. I was born with a genetic need to migrate. Not really a problem if you are young, single and strong. Really a problem if you are old, married and weak.

Nowadays instead of migrating I soothe my genetic problem by changing my surroundings. Often in the garden, this time in my cyber cave.

The winds have been building since yesterday. Cloud cover has thickened. The wind is from the North East. This is usually a pretty good indication that something nasty this way heads. So if you don’t get a letter for a day or two it is just that I guessed right and we have lost power.

Which brings us to Moondogs!  For those who don’t want to click the link… Moondogs are formed when ice crystals and a bright moon line up in just the right way. They look like very pale circular rainbows around the moon. They’re rare.

Last night my legs were giving me trouble so I went into the garden to enjoy the moonlight. Imagine my pleasure when I looked up and saw a Moondog. As I stood there one became two and two became three. The inner two were bright and strongly coloured while the third needed averted vision to see it.

Pleasure had moved into awe. I offered a prayer and returned to bed. My legs behaved, my spirit was happy and sleep came easily.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man


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