This That And the Other Thing

January 20, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

This be one of those mornings when everything is a bit off. My body, thoughts and actions are all coming through a darkening glass today.

On the other hand yesterday Landoy got a lot of work done in the veggie patch. Potatoes and squash are planted. The cucumber trellis is up and he levelled up the pathway a bit.  

SWMBO found the walker we were looking for in a local drugstore. As often happens the local price was less than the nationwide retail outlets price.

The rains are back so I’ll have a chance to work on some of the shots I have been taking.

And for now…. that’s it.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man

laughter, world, serious,
Yes this world is a veil of tears but you can laugh and have fun anyway


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