How Many More Times Must It Be Said ~ ISIS Will Not Be defeated Through Violence

January 18, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Russia, America,britain,France,Canada, ISIS, death,destruction,horror
You are looking
 at the only way  to stop
inter-racial inter-faith violence.

To the best of my knowledge the only major military power not fighting against ISIS in the Middle East is China. 

Every western power that is in the fight is fighting it with state of the art air power and Elite ground forces.

The military forces from the Middle East are also the best that can be found.

With all of this killing power being used against them ISIS launched an attack in Syria a few days ago where they slaughtered hundreds and kidnapped hundreds more. 

My numbers are not specific because as of now no one knows just how many were butchered or kidnapped.

Remember that ISIS did this horror despite the Russian air campaign that began in September with the intent of bombing them all to Hell.

The one and only way to defeat ISIS is to change the world that created ISIS. Unless the world becomes just, merciful and humble the horrors will only get worse.

Your choices create my world so please choose with wisdom and compassion.

The Old (and very sad) Man


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