SWMBO Tells Me This Letter Needs To Be Written

January 16, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

Before I get to what SWMBO tells me needs to be written I need to write the following:

mother, death,birthday,grief
Wherever you are and whoever you are with may you be happy.

Today would have been my mother’s 89th birthday. She died a little more than a month ago. Even with a good death (as hers was) there is grief to be worked through. 

Now, on to what SWMBO tells me I need to do.

I am an alcoholic. One of the possible reasons for my addiction could be my childhood. I was abused by my father in every conceivable way. 

Another possible reason is my genetic makeup. Science says that some people are more prone to addiction because of their body chemistry.

Yet a third reason may be that my family has a psychological dependency that is passed down through the generations.

It would be both wrong and cruel to say that I am the cause of  my father’s evil, my genetic predisposition or my psychological makeup. 

I was the victim not the perpetrator. 

On the other hand if I am a drunk there is no one to blame but me. The only one that can make me or allow me or encourage me to drink is me. 

Equally true is the reality that I am the only one that can stop me, deny me or discourage me.

Only I can stop me from being a victim. 

Now here comes what SWMBO tells me needs to be said:


There are many historical reasons for the problems found within the Indigenous communities. Some come from outside, some from inside.

But there is only one way to stop the problems. 

The Indigenous peoples both as individuals and communities need to accept a tough truth.

It makes no difference what historically caused the problems. The problems are here now and they need to be overcome.  

The only person or people that can overcome them is the Indigenous person both individually and in community with his or her tribe. 

This can only happen when that responsibility is accepted.

Historically they were, as I was, victimized.

Only they can, as I did, choose not to be a victim now.

Take care, stay safe,

The Old Man  


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