Reality Cheque ~ Racial Profiling Is Wrong ~ Except When It Gives You And Your’s The Advantage

January 15, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

racial profiling, evil, political tool,
What does this shot say to you?
Welcome to the world of
Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling is used to decide how likely a person is to do something nasty. Last week in Canada a woman who looks like an Indian was profiled and followed in a store. Because of her ancestry the store security thought she deserved special treatment. If you take the time to click this Link you find yourself on a page with many examples from across Canada of this disgusting racially motivated practice. 

But the link only shows one side of Racial Profiling. The side where the powers that be use it to control the masses.

There is another side to Racial Profiling. It can also be used to promote the cause of a minority. 

Again let’s use Canada as an example. Saanich (a small town in B.C. Canada) has decided that at every official town function an Indian should address the meeting. Why? Because Indians are special because they are Indians. So far I have not heard any screams of outrage over this Racial Profiling from the Indians.

Many Canadians believe that if your ancestors were Indian then you have a particular and unique built right into you connection to our Mother Earth. Again no cries of outrage from the Indians over this Racial Profiling 

Many Indians believe and daily proclaim that the majority of the rest of Canada are racist oppressors and evil people because of the skin colour their ancestors had. Once again the lack of outrage over this Racial Profiling is deafening.

As I said in the title Racial Profiling is wrong except when it gives you and your’s the advantage.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man


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