A Special Letter To Mother Russia

January 14, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Mother Russia, typhoon submarines,trident submarines, Kremlin
I got tired of being cold.
Moved from Canada
to the tropics

Over the years I have come to accept that the country of my birth Canada, has very little interest in what this expat writes about. My largest group of readers usually comes from America. Perhaps because they have the most leisure and the best web setup?

But in the last 24 hours something absolutely unexpected has happened: Mother Russia and her webizens have read more of my letters than any other country! I’m honoured.

As a child of the Cold War, Russia or the U.S.S.R. as it was once called has always been a force in my life.

There was a time when I was a deckhand on the Thomas Crosby 5 sitting wheel watch as the skipper/pastor visited a Lighthouse. Stepping outside for a smoke I looked up and saw a squadron of heavy bombers with fighter escort heading down the coast of British Columbia Canada. 

They were high up and I couldn’t tell if they were American or Russian heavies. If the former all was well. If the latter… not so good. Thankfully they were American heavies.

On another Crosby trip it had been decided that the ship and crew would motor down to Bangor Washington. That was where the Trident Nuclear Submarines had their base and we wanted to make our feelings known. We believed then and I still do now that the Trident missile system was and is evil.

On our way down we ran into some people who felt differently. They accused us of being Soviet puppets. Always protesting about America but never a nasty thing to say about the U.S.S.R..

They had a point. When I got home from the trip I decided to call the Kremlin about the Typhoon submarines. To me they were and are as evil as the Tridents. My call never got through.  

But for months afterwards my mail would arrive pre-opened and my phone had an amazing assortment of buzzes and clicks.

I hope my letter has brought my Russian readers a chuckle?

Take care, stay warm,
The Old Man     


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