Reality Cheque ~ I Could ~ Perhaps I Should ~ But I Won’t

January 12, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Why depress yourself?

I did read the news this morning. But I just can’t see much sense on writing about what I read. All it would achieve would be to depress me and thee. 

You want to know what’s going on out there… click on your news button. Please and thank-you.

On the other hand in about 15 minutes Landoy arrives for work and we are going to transfer some Black bamboo. It gets it’s name because while it comes out of the ground green it slowly but surely matures into midnight black. 

Clear away some other bamboo. 

Continue building the raised veggie beds. 

Last but not least plant some string beans and pechay.

With any luck and the grace of the Veggie gods by the end of the week we will have 2 types of onions, cucumbers, beans and pechay growing nicely in the new beds.

There are also plans for squash, potatoes and maybe even some more pineapples.

I hope that was a better read than the depressing state of the world would have been. I know it was more fun to write.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man


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