T.L. & T. O. T. O. M. ~ My Apologies ~ Lately I’ve Been Depressing All Of You

January 8, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

reality,happiness,gloom and doom,apology
It is possible
to face the world
honestly  and still be
upbeat and happy

I have been thoughtless of late. Instead of writing enjoyable letters that may be thought provoking I have been writing gloom and doom letters.

No wonder people haven’t been reading them. 

So here I am about to write to you about the good things happening around me.

Landoy (our gardener handyman) is about halfway through putting in the new veggie beds.  With any luck at all they will be ready for Spring planting.

String beans, Squash, Bell peppers, Broad beans, possibly some lettuce. Throw in our herb garden, the Pineapples, Papaya trees, Rambutan and Lanzones and we could have a good year eating homegrown food.  

The NGO we had hoped would build me an electric trike or wheelchair seems to have decided against the project. I say ‘seems to’ because they have quit answering our texts. 

Okay so the above is not good news. But we are looking into other options and then there will be good news.

Fish and turtle ponds are roughed in.

We know where our potable water cistern will be going.

Okay, did I live up to my promise or what!

Take care, stay safe,

The HAPPY Old Man



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