Reality Cheque: Bad Canada Very Bad ~ Selling Military Weapons To Saudi Arabia

January 6, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
Canada continues to sell light armoured military (read small tanks excellent for use in cities and places like Afghanistan) vehicles to Saudi Arabia. These small tanks are just what is needed to move into streets and ghettos to round up problematic citizens for mass executions.   Badly done Canada.

A $15-billion contract signed under the previous government to supply Saudi Arabia with light-armoured military vehicles won’t be revisited after the execution of dozens of prisoners in that country, the foreign minister says.’
Saudi Arabia, ISIS,Canadian weapons sales, Light armoured vehicles 111
Prime Minister Stephen Harper tours the General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada plant, next to a LAV 6.0 (Light Armoured Vehicle) being built for Canada, at the facility in London, Ont., Friday, May 2, 2014. The company is also manufacturing vehicles being sold to Saudi Arabia as part of a controversial $15-billion deal.(Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press)

 Take care, stay safe,
The Old (and ashamed Canadian) Man


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