Wisdom From A Dead Mentor ~ Before You Fire Off Your Last Arrow Make Sure You’ve Got A Rock To Throw

January 2, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

Rev. Capt. Olive Howard, Thomas Crosby 5, mentor, marine ministry,prudent
Do you really think that it is
 to try to take the mat from me?

The Rev. Capt. Oliver Howard spent nearly twenty years in a marine ministry on the west coast of Canada. In all that time he never lost a ship or a crew member. 

He understood the meaning of ‘Prudent’. 

He knew that it was safer to get up early and motor along into daylight than to travel into darkness.  

Going across Queen Charlotte Sound even on a good day he would make sure the crew tied down everything. It was prudent to stop something from moving than to try to stop it once it was.

As a way of helping others to understand his wisdom and why so many who met him found themselves wanting to live a better life I offer this video. 

The film isn’t my work but I did work as a deckhand on the T.C.V. and Oliver was my mentor.

Take care, be prudent,
The Old Man


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