Reality Cheque ~ Two Humans Plus Dog Consume 30,000 Litres Of Water Per Month

January 1, 2016

food independence, sustainable farming, water,protein, Philippines
Low tech, water, vegetable, fruit, protein. It can be done.

Hi Luv et alii, (just for the record I had to redo the date) 

These are our reality cheques:

Our water bill is calculated on cubic meters. We average between twenty-five and thirty cm. per month. 1000 litres per cubic meter. Bottom line is that we need a 100,000 litre water storage system to ensure we don’t run out of potable water.

Year round warm temperatures, sunshine, ample water… food security should be as easy as snapping your fingers. But it isn’t. Year round insects, monsoons, acid rain are but three of the problems. 

Chickens, rabbits, fish, turtles and pigeons all offer meat but they also attract rats and snakes. 

The plan is to take our time and put what we have learned in the last fifteen years into creating a garden/temple that will feed both body and spirit this year. 

Going to be fun!

Take care, stay fed,
The Old Man 


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