Reality Cheque ~ Canada’s New Deal With First Nations ~ Not Going To Happen

December 23, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

first nations,Trudeau, new deal, Canada
We can live in peace or not.
Your choice
The New Deal will not happen. Trudeau and the elected Chiefs are politicians who will merely rearrange the Old Deal in a way that will hopefully get them all, or at least most of them re-elected. 

If the people of Canada (that be ALL the people meaning those with and those without status cards) really want a New Deal it can be done. 

It just can’t be done by people who are politicians. 

Can’t be done because politicians want the power the Old Deal gives them. Want it so badly that the New Deal will have to maintain their power or it won’t be agreed to.

If you really want the New Deal get a world class negotiator who will help you to find a deal that is right for the people rather than the politicians.

Take care, stay smart,
The Old Man  


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