Wisdom from Ancient Greece ~ Aristotle ~ The Telos Of Politics

December 22, 2015

‘Any polis which is truly so called, and is not merely one in name, must devote itself to the end of encouraging goodness. Otherwise, a political association sinks into a mere alliance… otherwise, too, law becomes a mere covenant… “a guarantor of men’s rights against one another” – instead of being, as it should be, a rule of life such as will make the members of a polis good and just (Justice What’s The Right Thing To Do, M.J. Sandel)’

 Hi Luv et alii,
Aristotle, telos,politics,good,just,citizen
Does your polis create
good and just
Allow me to make an obvious observation. Our world is in one heck of a mess. 

If Aristotle is right in his understanding of the telos of Politics the reason for the mess is obvious as well. 

Our world is messed up because modern politics are about getting power, keeping power and rewarding those who help you to achieve these goals. 

Politics today has nothing to do with finding ways to create good and just citizens. Rather the opposite. 

We vote for the person or party that will give us the things we want. Not those things that are good for us or the country but the things that we want because they will satisfy our greed.

Just something to think about.

Take care, be good and just,
The Old Man


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