The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ The Blogger Template Ego Test ~ I Passed ~ My Humility Is Magnificent!

December 21, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

I am so vain about my
naturally wavy hair
Blogger has seven basic templates. The ‘Dynamic’ templates count things differently than the other six do.  

In a nutshell they make your numbers look much better. 

They definitely stroke the ego. 

Which is why I was using them. 

Not because they looked better but because my ego needed stroking. 

As my regular readers are aware last week the design of my blog changed. I moved out of Dynamic and into Window. 

I moved because I liked the way it looked. 

And in spite of the fact that my numbers would appear to go down. 

Now I am beginning to wonder where next to struggle with my ego. 

Take care, stay safe,
The (truly humble) Old Man


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