The Clann Of Mother Earth ~ Michelle MI Woverine BarlondSmith ~ The Fourth Founding Member

December 21, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

environmentalist, Clann Of Mother Earth, powerful, woman
say hi!
Michelle and I dis-agree on many things. But we agree on the essentials: Justice, Mercy, Walking Humbly. 

I asked her if she would join the clan and she agreed. I have no idea what she will contribute or where she will help us to walk to.

I do know she never backs down when she feels she is right. I do know she has made a difference to our Mother Earth. I do know she is a powerful woman that in her own way will help the clan to help others.

Thanks for joining us Michelle.

Take care, stay wolverine-ish
The Old Man

PS hope you don’t mind me using this shot?  

Let me know what you think

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