Reality Cheque To All Nations~ If You Elect Leaders Who Are Haters And Violent You Will Receive Hatred And Violence

December 21,  2015

Hi Luv et alii, 
Kuan yin, Mary, lady Wisdom, mercy, justice,humility
Love = Peace
Hate = Death
I don’t care if your elected leader wears a three piece suit, eagle feathers, a turban or goes around stark naked. 

I do care if they got elected because they told you that they will make the evil others bow down and kiss your feet. 

I care because haters only create more hate which must create pain and suffering for all.

If you care about your people you need to realize that for your people to be safe, secure, well fed, educated and well off so must all the other people. 

Think on it. 

How can you be safe if your neighbour hates you?

How can you be safe if your neighbour is envious of what you have?  

How can your neighbours feel safe if your leader is calling for them to become your slaves.

How can your neighbours not hate you when your leader calls them terrorists, oppressors, colonizers, greedy, lazy drunkards and the scum of the earth who should go back where they came from.

The only way for you to be safe is for your neighbour to be safe too.

If you want to live well then you must tell those who would lead you into hate and violence to leave. 

You cannot live in justice, mercy and humility through vengeance, oppression and arrogance.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man


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