Reality Cheque ~ For Those Who Believe In The Paris Accord And That The Domination Of Carbon Based Fuels Is Over

A man wears a mask in front of the China Central Television tower on a hazy day in Beijing in December 2015.  (Wu Hong / European Pressphoto Agency)

December 18, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,
China has declared its second red alert (their choice of words not mine) in Beijing. It seems that China’s masters have no intention of lowering the carbon footprint of their industries. 

‘But Wang added that simply relying on temporary measures is not enough to bring clean air to the city.
The red alert measures, including traffic restrictions, can only help reduce the top air pollution level, bring it down from 500 to 300,” he said. “But ordinary people can’t really feel the difference. The key is still try to control the source where pollutants in the air come from.”
After the city has experienced a long stretch of blue sky days during major events, such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in November and a military parade in August, it appeared Chinese authorities have discovered the secrets to keeping smog away from Beijing and other northern Chinese cities. Yet it took a massive effort – they had to shut down thousands of factories in more than seven provinces surrounding Beijing to keep the smog at bay.
Many local residents argued that instead of trying to curb industrial pollution, a major factor in northern China’s air pollution problem, the government has taken an easy route by stopping ordinary people from using their cars.’

And as day follows night: Because China will not be lowering the carbon footprint of their industries they will need to increase their supply of carbon based fuels. One way they have chosen to do this is by military expansion into the South China Sea. 
Because of their colonization and military buildup in the South China Sea  many of the adjoining nations have upped their military presence in the area. And indeed one not adjoining nation has put their Seventh Fleet Into the area as well as their Air Force.  

Japan, which after WW2 officially became a Pacifist nation has joined the arms race and will be deploying troops and creating missile bases in the East China Sea  to protect their carbon based fuel supplies.

Which of course raises the question of how long before Canada is full speed ahead once again with fracking for the production of natural gas and ripping out the Boreal forest to produce synthetic oil from the Athabascan Tar Sands.

Now correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t it shouted loudly from the rooftops after the Paris Accord that the days of carbon based fuels were over

Take care, don’t drink the kool-aid
The Old Man


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