The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ Good News

December 14, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

Back on a bike.
I have been a biker all my life. Not an outlaw but an old school biker.

Turn on the gas, tickle the carbs till they overflow, make sure you are out of gear, kick her through 3 or 4 times to loosen the clutch, turn on the key, kick her into life keeping your knee bent. If you did it right she starts.

For those who aren’t into classic English bikes that’s pretty much how you started an English twin from the mid 50’s to 60’s. They were mean, nasty, viscous, machines with a passion for breaking down and burning you on the hot exhaust. But they were also powerful, exciting and fun. Little known fact: Marlon Brando rode a Triumph not a Harley in The Wild One.  

A few years back I had to give up riding. My reactions were way too slow and the body was taking too long to heal when I crashed. Serious downer but life is real.

This morning we heard back from the NGO we have been negotiating with. They are going to build me an electric trike. Not meant for the open road but I will get to ride on the back roads and in the yard. 

Way Cool!

Take care, stay wild,
The Old Man


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