Reality Cheque ~ The Plan To Electrify India Using Over 400 New Coal Burning Plants Is Going Ahead ~ So Much For The Paris Accord

our future is not looking so clean

 Meanwhile in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to electrify rural India, a gargantuan feat only possible at the moment by producing and burning vast amounts of cheap coal. Modi sees electrification as the route to improving the lives of millions of Indians, as well as a way to entrench the political appeal of his Bharatiya Janata Party with voters in rural areas.

“We should appreciate the challenges India has,” Ban told Reuters. “Three hundred million people do not have access to electricity and hundreds of millions of people live under the poverty level.”
How to square those demands for social and economic justice with the promises made in Paris is the calibration politicians and business leaders will now have to make. Those choices will determine whether the architects of Paris showed foresight with their creative flexibility, or just let everyone off the hook.
(Reporting by Bruce Wallace; Editing by Sandra Maler)

 The Jharia coalfield, where Raju works, is India’s biggest and most significant, covering some 170 square miles. It has been on fire, calamitously, since 1916; entire villages have collapsed into the smoking ground. Raju’s job is to put out the fire, so that his company can roughly double the mine’s output in the next five years. Whether—and how—he can perform this task will have much more effect on the future of the world than anything, with all due respect, likely to be accomplished by UN-addressing actresses or aging Irish rock stars. In other words, if one were compiling a list of the World’s Most Important People, Raju should be on it.

Raju needs to put this fire out now, regardless of cost because the Prime Minister of India needs the coal. He needs it to fire the 400+ new coal fired plants needed to electrify India. This plan was on the books before, during and now after the Historic Paris Accord. 

Take care, get real,
The Old Man

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